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Hubient Agency

Main partner of Hubie World

Hubient Agency is the main partner of Hubie World. Hubient Agency is not only an online gaming-focused guild but an agency that continuously provides opportunities to people with high potential whether offline or online. To showcase their talents Hubient collaborates worldwide with different brands in more than 10 countries.

Hubient operates in a work from home environment, promotes a work-life balance, creates economic freedom by offering various remote works which are widely in demand. The agency organizes different non-blockchain online game tournaments and other offline events for multi-talented individuals, thus helping them improve their way of life.

As of January 23rd, 2022, the agency reached 20,000 members. Most of the members are from the Philippines and Australia. After settling in the USA, Europe and China, Hubient is currently continuing to expand globally by opening its newest branch in Dubai.

This agency aims to discover talent, helping them develop holistically and thrive to create a difference in the media industry.

Scholarship Quota Bonuses

Scholars who hit the targets consistently for 2 months will be awarded. Amount will be subject to the DAO approval.

Scholarship Top Bonuses

Top 3 scholars of the month will earn extra rewards. Amount will be subject to the DAO approval.

E-Sports Competitors Bonuses

All scholars who are able to compete and win in various E-sports competitions will be awarded. Amount will be subject to the DAO approval.

Monthly Community events 

All scholars who join the events and win will be awarded. Amount will be subject to the DAO approval.

DAO Content Creators

Hubient content creators, such as streamers, bloggers, writers, vloggers and artists, will be given a reward (token) as an appreciation for their service.

Hubie World

Hubie World

A hidden planet which is light years away from the solar system filled with beauty and life is inhabited by a species of special penguins who lived peacefully in their home: Hubie World. The Hubies live in a world divided by different elements powered by elemental stones. Hubies have a choice to live in the environment of their elemental stone and together become one with nature.

Hubies are known to protect other planets from threats by summoning portals throughout space with help of their elemental stone. Polar creatures called Hursidaes are driven by madness and power. With the Hursidaes seeking the power of the elemental stones peace broke apart. Hubies were left with no choice but to seal the portals so no one would ever use the stone for evil.

After thousands of years hiding in peace, Hursidaes who had destroyed and consumed their own planet, powered by greed and ignorance, broke the portals and sought to find the stone for their own cause. Desperate to search for the stones, they burned forests and other habitats, captured Hubies and forced them to surrender the elemental stone. The remaining Hubies banded together to form a resistance, vowed to come out from the shadows and fight for their home land. Together with brilliant minds, they forged Herculean weapons that were once believed to be a myth. The conflict was rough and blood were shed but with love for their world Hubies created unity and sparked the blood of the warrior inherited from their ancestors.

Hubie World NFT

Hubie World NFT

Hubie NFT

Powers vary in strength ranging from common, rare, super rare, epic and legend and the higher the rarity, lower the success rate to obtain higher rarity. Each Hubie will have an Element associate such as Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Dark and Light.

Investing in Hubie NFT will be beneficial as Hubie World will mint Limited Edition Hubie in the form of Normal Rarity which gives you a chance to obtain Higher Rarity with the use of the Philosopher Stone. Limited Edition Hubie in the form of Legend Rarity will be given to our Top Investors. The higher the rarity, the bigger your earnings of Hubient Coins and Gems. 

Each Hubie will have 12 different unique character traits. 

There are 4 Rounds of minting every quarter

First minting round -100 USDC Value
Second minting round- 200 USDC Value
Third minting round- 300 USDC Value
Fourth minting round - 400 USDC Value

Each minting round has
Private sale
Presale phase1
Presale phase 2
Public sale

But for that round the value of the nft is the same of the month round value. Therefore if 100 USDC Value minting round, will result in all pre-sale, private sales and public sales being 100 USDC Value. For the first round of minting there will be 15k Hubie NFTs that are 5k for private sale and 10k for presale and public sale.


Elemental Stones NFT

You can only change the element of a Hubie by using an Elemental Stones (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Dark and Light).

For example, you will have to use a Water Elemental Stone to change a Fire Elemental Hubie to Water Elemental Hubie.You can only change the Elemental of a Hubie with an Elemental Stone of the same rarity.  

You will be able to fuse each elemental stone to make a Philosopher's stone.You can fuse the same Elemental Stone to obtain higher rarity. Ranging from common, rare, super rare, epic and legend. The higher the rarity, the more difficult it is to obtain higher rarity. 

Each Elemental Stones will have their own weakness against specific Element Stones. There will be only 2 rounds of mint for the Elemental Stone NFT and a limitation of 6 000 mint per round, only common rarity of Elemental Stone NFT will be minted.

The cost of the Elemental Stone NFT Mint vary each round


Items NFT

There will be 6 kinds of Item

-Body Items
-Head Items 
-Neck Items
-Hands Items
-Eyes Items
-Consumable Items

Each Item will have one element or none attached.

The Hubie world  will consist of limited quantities for specific items of NFT rarity, common and above. These items are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens and can be freely traded by players or can be found. 

There will be only 2 rounds of mint for the Items NFT and a limitation of 5 000 mint per round, only common rarity of Items NFT can be minted.

The cost of the Items NFT Mint vary each round


Lands NFT

There will be 4000 lands within 8 types of land. Each type of land will have its own property and benefits with specific types of production.

 Types of land:

There will be only 2 rounds of mint for the Lands NFT and a limitation of 2 000 mint per round.

The cost of the Lands NFT Mint vary each round.


Staking Programs

Hubie token holders can stake their token to earn rewards and interests.

Hubie NFT  can also be staked as the token. 

Staking percentage will start from 20% APR and be able to claim every 2 weeks but a 20% fee will be applied if the stake is pulled off within 6 months. 

DAO Governance board  
Hubie World has a DAO governance board so that the token or NFT holder can propose and vote for changes for new policies of the DAO.


Hubie NFT & Hubie Coins Open Now !


Hubie NFT

* Private sale Hubie NFT open NOW
* Presale Hubie NFT Phase 1 - 20th of June 8pm Brisbane Time
* Presale Hubie NFT Phase 2  - 27 of June 8pm Brisbane Time
* Public sale Hubie NFT - 3 hours after Phase 2 at 11pm  Brisbane Time

Hubie Coins

* Private sale Hubie Coins open NOW
* Presale Hubie Coins Phase 1 - 20th of September 8pm Brisbane Time
* Presale Hubie Coins Phase 2  -27 of September 8pm Brisbane Time
* Public sale Hubie Coins 3 hours after Phase 2 at 11pm  Brisbane Time


Game Play PVP

Hubie Arena


  • Minimum 1 to 5 Hubies NFT to start

4 Rarity of Fighter

  • Legend Hubie– 5 Fighting point
  • Epic Hubie – 4 Fighting point
  • Super Rare Hubie -  3 Fighting point 
  • Rare Hubie - 2 Fighting point
  • Common Hubie – 1 Fighting point

6 type of Items

  • Body Items
  • Head Items
  • Neck Items
  • Hands Items
  • Eyes Items
  • Consumable Items

5 Rarity of Items

  • Legend Items – 5 Fighting point
  • Epic Items – 4 Fighting point
  • Super Rare Items - 3 Fighting point
  • Rare Items - 2 Fighting point
  • Normal Items – 1 Fighting point

 Every Hubie NFT can equip one item of each type of item only


Game Play PVE

Game Play PVE

Hubie Quest

Hubie Quest, will be more focused on RPG and fighting enemies with fusion, items, forging, pet, with loot and rewards.

It will be a PVE gameplay style where you will need at least 1 Hubie NFT to be able to play.

There will be different stages and levels with one boss per level and 8 different worlds.


Hubie Pocket

Hubie Pocket, will be more focused on farming, raising, mining, trading, fishing, events, competitions with rewards.

Many functions will be available:

- Look after and care for your virtual Hubie NFT.
- Feed, Wash, Rest, Cook, Interact with mini games.

Outdoor activities

- Fishing
- Farming
- Mining
- Trading




1 - Lotto

Ticket cost 100 Hubie Coins

Each Ticket has one unique number that goes between 1 to 9999

A minimum of 100 tickets are to be sold to start the lotto, if not enough tickets are sold 6 hours before, the pot will go to the next Lotto event.

The winning ticket will be announced every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10 PM Brisbane time. If there is no winner, the Lotto pot will be added to the next Lotto event.

Lotto pot = 90% of the total ticket bought (5% goes to Lotto Pot for next lotto, 5% goes to the Hubie Treasure.) + 5% of last Lotto Pot + last Lotto Pot if no winner + 10 000 Hubie Coin.

About Token

Hubie Token

Hubie Token will have 2 types of tokens, one is the Hubie Coin that will be used as the Utility Token and the other one is the Hubie Gem that will be used as the Governance Token.



Hubie Coin ($HBC) is the primary earning and spending token inside the Hubie World ecosystem.

It will be on Polygon (Matic) Chain and will be burned to fuse, breed, upgrade, forge and buy NFT in the Hubie Marketplace.

Hubie Coins will not only be used for the Hubie World Ecosystem but it can also be used in Hubient Shop and Partnered shops/deals to purchase tangible assets and items with special discounts depending of the rarity of the Hubie NFT.

The value of the coins will start with 500 HBC = 1$ USDC


Hubie Gem

Hubie Gem ($HBG) is the governance token and secondary token that can be used in the Hubie World ecosystem for specific purposes. It will be on Polygon (Matic) Chain and will be burned to breed, upgrade, etc..

The value of the coins will start with
50 $HBG = 1$ USDC. 

The $HBG owners with a minimum of 1 000 000 $HBG  will have the right to propose ideas/solutions and  to vote on any decision proposed by the Hubie World team.



The IGO helps fund the expenses undertaken by the founding team until launch.


Token Distribution

-10 000 000 000 $HBC Supply
-100 000 000 $HBG Supply

Symbol: $HBC and $HBG

Initial Value:
5 000 $HBC = 1 USDC
50 $HBG = 1 USDC

Network Polygon Matic

Token will have specific distribution, dividing tokens up between different departments, such as marketing and development, allocating tokens to the community, treasury and vault.

It also include private sales rounds to early investors or fundraising.

Hubient Vault

The purpose of Hubie Vault will be used for event rewards, in game rewards (Lottery, Discord event, Social Media Event, In game Specific Event Reward) and to purchase more liquidity.

Hubie Treasure

80% of Hubie Treasure will be used for NFT Holder incentives and 20% will be used for burning purposes or redirect to the vault if needed but will be voted. 



This is our roadmap that started since January 2022. It may has changes depending of any delays that can occur.

2022 - Q1
Social media Marketing
20k community members
Website launch
Live Now
2022 - Q2
NFT Hubie Mint - 1st Batch
NFT Staking
Hubie Lotto
Live Now
2022 - Q3
NFT Hubie Mint - 2nd Batch
NFT Elemental Stone Mint - 1st Batch
Utility Token ($HBC)
Governance Token ($HBG)
Hubient Shop purchase with $HBC
2022 - Q4
NFT Hubie Mint - 3rd Batch
NFT Elemental Stone Mint - 2nd Batch
NFT Item - 1st Batch
NFT Fusion
Hubie pocket (PVE)
2023 - Q1
NFT Hubie Mint - 4th Batch
NFT Land Mint - 1st Batch
NFT Item - 2nd Batch
Hubie Arena (PVP)
2023 - Q2
NFT Land Mint - 2nd Batch
Hubie Quest (PVE)


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Partners / Investors

Partners / Investors

Hubient Guild
Hubient Entertainment China



– Exclusive Legend Hubie NFT for top Investors
– Exclusive Token allocation
– Whitelisted by default
– Priority to information for all upcoming events
– Ability to vote for all future changes or decisions related

Want to be one of our investors? Just fill up the form below and we will contact you shortly for more details.


The Team

Mr Frog
Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Operating Officer ANZ
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Chief Operating Officer International
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Chief Operating Officer PH
Team User
Ada Zhao
COO of Hubient China
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Thao Le
CEO AGEA Germany
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Kim Le
Team User
Van Sapata
Team User
Alex Dela Cruz
Esports Manager
Team User
Angela – MsCharmKitty
Marketing Manager
Team User
Marketing Assistant
Team User
Kathrina Luxe
Social Media Manager
Team User
Anne Raz
Social Influencer Manager
Team User
Chen Le
Team User
Sy Shahadot
Team User
Harley Nato
Graphic Artist
Team User
Sheah Sandoval
Graphic Artist
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Philip Secong
Graphic Artist
Team User
Arjel Rogelio
Video Editor
Team User
Joseph Cacanindin
Video Editor
Team User
Customer support
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Customer Support
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Customer Support
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Customer Support
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